We are always buying Campervans and Motorhomes and if you have one for sale and want a easy quick hassle free sale contact us today, we love Campervans and Motorhome so are always looking to buy.

CONSIGN your Campervan or Motorhome, we also offer a great consignment were we will take care of the detailing, advertising, and can easily take trades and offer finance and warranty to potential customers. Our advertising and website means we have a huge database of now buyers looking for all types of campers, so we can help quickly sell your camper for you.
Consigning is a great way to help achieve the price you are after and takes the hassle out of selling it privately.

17 Great Reasons to Consign with Discoverer Campers Gold Coast

1. Track Record – We have a proven track record and 15 years industry experience. Selling brands including Winnebago, Sunliner, Avida, Suncamper, Trakka, Avan, Jayco.

2. Save time and money – Consigning with us means you can get on with your day-to-day rather than waiting at home for people who might never turn up. You also get to have the best RV team to negotiate on your behalf; saving you from the risk of hard liners and fraudsters.

3. Peace of Mind – You can concentrate on welcoming friends into your home rather than having strangers looking around your property.

4. Exposure – Our Dealership has access to 40,000 vehicles passing by everyday at low speed creating passing trade. We have over 5 million potential customers within a 1-hour drive of our business.

5. Gold Coast Airport – Located only 5 minutes away. Easy access for interstate buyers

6. Leverage – We are open 6 days a week giving everyone a chance to visit our business. Your vehicle will be on sale while you get about your business

7. Market Reach – We have a professional website which can be viewed from all around Australia and will have your RV displayed attractively with full details and features.

8. Customer Service – We collect interstate customers from the airport or train station.

9. Variety – We trade cars, caravans, motorbikes, production boats as well as RV’s thereby increasing the chance of doing business.

10. 15 years RV sales experience in all makes and models

11. Presentation – We regularly wash, detail and maintain your RV in top condition.

12. Protection – We offer prospective buyers a Dealer Warranty to entice them to buy.

13. Targeted Marketing – We have a computer database of customers waiting to buy.

14. Simplicity – We can collect your RV from your home if preferred.

15. Warranty – Available for your RV

16. Easy finance – Can be arranged for your RV

17. Washed and Started – Your RV is washed and started weekly


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Consignment means the “selling of your Recreational Vehicle on your behalf by our professional team but strictly under your written or verbal instructions”
  • Its huge advantage is that you get to sell your RV at a price you are happy with but without all the delays, hassle, stress and danger, of dealing with the public yourself!
  • Our Sales manager will use his vast industry experience to discuss with you and agree a realistic selling price for your RV and will clearly indicate the amount you will receive when your RV is sold.
  • We will complete a consignment agreement laying out the monies you will receive to ensure there are no concerns for you.
  • Your RV is kept secure at our dealership and maintained by our professional team to ensure it presents in top condition at all times. Retain your RV on your insurance until it is sold.
  • Bring all relevant documents, books, spare keys including the rego docs which should be signed on the back by all named owners.
  • Ensure you make us aware of any encumbrances on the vehicle so we can arrange settlement on your behalf.
  • Once we have taken a deposit on your RV then we will contact you to advise when the new owner is collecting and therefore when you will receive your monies.
  • There is no cost to you if we do not sell the RV. If it is not sold within an agreed period then you can choose to collect it or extend the consignment period.
  • We are legally governed by the Motor Trade Association and Office of Fair Trading to protect your asset and interests.

We buy and Sell all Brand or Campervand and Motorhomes Including Jayco, KEA, Volkswagen, Frontline, Trakka, Sunliner, Talvor. Winnebago, Avida, Avan, Discoverer, Wallaby, Horizon, Motorhomes and Campervans

Volkswagen Crafter, Volkswagen Transporter, Toyota Hiace, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco, Renault, Banksia, Escape